Chanel N°5

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Music from the  N°5 advertising film from 1990
“La star,” by Ridley Scott, with Carole Bouquet
Music : “Sea of Love



The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, opened to the public their new exhibition ”N°5 Culture Chanel”. The museum’s space is changed into some sort of a runway of glass cases, filled with more than 200 works of art by Picasso, Man Ray, Dali, Stravinsky and many more. It shows the past and the presence of Chanel’s story. Followed by a room which Includes all Chanel N°5 Books and all the past Chanel N°5 Commercials (From Catherine Deneuve to Brad Pitt).


”When in contact with certain men who bore within them the certainty of surviving through their own works, her tone became more assertive when she spoke of herself. She had adopted this self-assured language of immortals”

 Françoise Giroud ”La femme de la semaine :  Chanel”, in L’Express, 17 August 1956, p 9. 

Birth of Chanel N°5


”It seems that the history of CHANEL N°5 began at the very moment when Gabrielle Chanel heard of the death of her love Boy Capel, in December 1919.


Arthur Capel, known as ‘Boy’, held a central place in the history of Gabrielle Chanel. Her first great love, was a well-read man who made her an avid reader. In his company, she became an avid reader and once he’d disappeared from her life, she pursued her lingering love for him through the books he’d asked her to read. This bereavement would fuel an intuition, and Gabrielle Chanel would sublimate it through the creation of her first perfume: CHANEL N°5. It was born of emptiness and of absence, closely linked to Gabrielle Chanel’s destiny, reminiscence of a love that was violently interrupted but that she would cherish all her life. By sublimating bereavement in creation, Chanel indulged in an eternal perfume.”


Le Loup* – CHANEL N°5

*“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” ―Coco Chanel

CHANEL N°5 advertising film from 1998

“Le loup,” by Luc Besson, with Estella Warren
Music : “Edward scissorhands” (Fox Film Music Corporation)
© CHANEL 1998

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