24h in Cologne

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Yesterday I was once again in cologne (just for fun…). But this time I did a bit of sightseeing.  First, I went to the “Kölner Dom”,  the magnificent cathedral of Cologne. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me tell you, it looks quite impressive from outside. Inside, you still get the sense of its height, but you also recognize a lot of love for detail with the lovely chapel and some pretty windows. I didn’t stay very long though, because it was quite cold inside. I think that during summer,  it’s much nicer because you can climb to the top of the church where I guess, you can enjoy a beautiful view over Cologne.

 kölner dom

After that, I went to the Ludwig museum, which is a must for everyone who comes to Cologne. There was an exhibition that I really wanted to see. As I went inside, I immediately noticed the enormous space between the different rooms. It’s just how you imagine a modern art museum should be.


Besides the permanent exhibition, I’d also planned to see the temporary exhibit about Man Ray and his relationship with Fritz Gruber. The permanent show demonstrates art works from Andy Warhol, Jasper JohnsRoy Lichtenstein and many more. Pop Art style at its best.


An outstanding archive about the extraordinary friendship between L. Fritz Gruber and Man Ray gives you an incredible insight into lives of those two characters.  During the 50s, Gruber contacted the great photographer, filmmaker, painter, and sculptor Man Ray, with whom he and his wife would remain friends for many years after.

The highlight of the show is a set of fifty repro-contact prints with portraits of Lee Miller, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Coco Chanel and many other leading artists of the 20th century. Moreover, the museum owns many letters and photos of Man Ray’s Parisian atelier. Most of the things in this atelier (2 bis, rue Ferou Paris) were handmade by Man Ray himself.

man ray

Finally, there was the collection of the works by Joseph Haubrich, a collection often considered as one of the best compilations of Expressionist Art. (Yes,  I visited everything because I had nothing else to do besides of drinking a “Kölsch” – the traditional beer from Cologne – , which I did afterwards). Haubrich was a prominent personality in Cologne. He was a lawyer, but also greatly sociable and generous. During WWI, Haubrich already began to gather sculptures, aquarelles and other paintings. During the Second World War, Haubrich then hid his collection from the Nazis. The collection is mainly a reflection of his joyful personality. The exhibition pays homage to a person to whom the admirers of art and the city of Cologne owe a lot.


Personally, my favorite paintings were those from French painter Chagall. (The exhibition of Chagall is currently taking place in Paris at the ‘’Musée de Luxembourg’’. ( I’ll go there soon….)


If you have the opportunity to go to cologne sometimes, don’t miss out the Ludwig Museum! As for the cathedral – well you cannot miss it anyways…

If you want to take a little break from sightseeing, go to the ”Cölner Hofbräu Früh” (best Kölsch in Cologne). In the evening, the Harry’s Lounge is a nice place to chill out

harrys lounge

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