Under Influences – La Maison Rouge

Today I went to see a rather extraordinary exhibition.

Under influences

Under Influences” is a collection of artworks, documents, and films. The exhibition is hosted by ‘‘La Maison Rouge” until May. The vast collection, which includes works from 20th century artists as well as from contemporary artists, shows the influence of psychotropics (drugs) on the visual arts.  More than 250 works of art show how artists represent the effects of psychotropic substances.

There are 3 different sorts of drugs. Firstly, the drugs named ”dopants” or psychoanalytic, which stimulate the level of conscience without modifying the state of conscious, such as cocaine, amphetamine, crack, coffee. Secondly, the ”hedonist” drugs with a more painful sensation, like opium, morphine, heroin. Finally, there are ”hallucinogenic” drugs, which affect the state of conscience , such as LSD, acid, mushrooms, and cannabis. However, the effect depends on the personality and the physicality of the user.

The exhibition includes a large number of well-known, international artists such as Carsten Höller, Guy Limone, Alberto Martini, Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Henri Michaux, John Batanne, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Charles Beaudelaire (Les Paradis artificiels) and many more.

Some artists like David Kramer for instance even say : ”I must thank the drugs and alcohol for the best moments of my life”

It’s a nice exhibition with some good and bad stuff…

Don’t forget that the ”Rose Bakery Culture” is located inside the Maison Rouge until  the 19th of mai!

rose bakery

La Maison Rouge/Rose Bakery Culture

Fondation Antoine de Galbert

10, boulevard de la bastille 

75012 Paris


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2 Responses to Under Influences – La Maison Rouge

  1. Yoshi says:

    Who did this extraordinary picture??

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