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The biggest cemetery in Paris undoubtly is the Père Lachaise Cemetery (Cimetière du Père-Lachaise). That’s why I went there last Sunday. The location is in the 20th arrondissement. It is the most visited graveyard of the world. But what’s so unique about it? The reason why so many people are visiting the Père Lachaise is obviously because of ”Who” is burried there. In other words, Père Lachaise is the burial ground for celebrities. Also, it is the site of three World War 1 memorials.

In case you think of wanting to be burried at Père Lachaise one day, I can tell you that this will be difficult. To begin, one has to die in the French capital city or one has to live there. Even if, that is the case, there is a long waiting list due to the very limited space available. According to the official website of the city of Paris; to date, one million people have been buried at Père Lachaise.

To name a few: Honoré de Balzac – French novelist of the 19th century
Pierre Beaumarchais – French playwright
Auguste Blanqui – French statesman
Pierre Bourdieu – French sociologist
Frédéric Chopin – Polish composer
Colette – French litterateur
Jacques-Louis David – Napoleon’s court painter
Eugène Delacroix – French Romantic artist
Jim Morrison – American singer and songwriter with The Doors
Joachim Murat – French Napoleonic general and Marshal of France.
Alfred de Musset – French poet
Édith Piaf – French singer
Pavel Tchelitchew – Russian Artist and Painter
Oscar Wilde – Irish novelist

Go and take a look!

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    den jim morrison lait awa nemi do 😉

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