Fashion Week 2013

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Today I went to the Spring/Summer 2013 collection created by Boris Bidjan Saberi.


Thanks to my Friend Fanny, who is executing an Internship in that place, we’ve (Elena and I) got on the list and could live this unique experience. A cat walk combined with powerful music, were swinging the entire garage. The show was held at the garage de Turenne. As I entered, everybody was dressed in black except me. Unfortunately, I got not informed about the dress-code. Most of the people were buyers, and you just understood exactly who was a buyer and who was not consumer. People looked extremely different, and they all had their own eccentric style. Very dark indeed.

I didn’t know anything about this designer until now. So I made a little research about Boris. He comes from a German/Persian family and grew up in Munich. In 2003, by the age of 25, Boris began exploring his passion for leather and produced his first handmade leather accessories series entitled ‘UCanFuckW’. He finished his education in fashion design in Barcelona, Spain, graduating in 2006. The half-German, half-Iranian designer started his eponymous label in 2007 and has ever since extended his creations in his atelier in Spain.

Citing street and skate culture as one of his head lifestyle influences, his label is distinctive for its scrupulous sophistication and functional dimension, whilst still giving a dip to his urban references

In 2010 Saberi created his own version of transparent leather to form his outfits.

2011 also saw Saberi experimenting with a self developed, un-tanned leather, which, in its beginning, is exceptionally sensitive. After treating it with different liquids, he achieved a self tanning skin with a fresh touch almost imitate the properties of bone.

It was great to look behind the curtains of such a show! A big thank you, Fanny, once again.



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