All good things come to an end: Eternal Tango

On December 22nd, Eternal Tango, recently disbanded, played their final gig at “den Atelier”, a live music club in Luxembourg. Eternal Tango is one of the very few Luxembourgish bands having gained both a national celebrity status, while also being famous internationally. Founded in 2002, Eternal Tango, with David Moreira on vocals, Pit Romersa on drums, and David Schmit, Joe Koener and Tom Gatti on guitar and vocals won contests, such as the Battle of Bands (2006, 2007), the Printemps des Bourges (2006) and was nominated four times at the 2007 Elie Music Awards (winning 2 categories).



For all these reasons, this last gig was an event that I simply could not miss out on. Looking forward to the shows for days already, my friends (Lisa, Fanny, Julia and Sophie) and I could barely hide our excitement. The concert was sold out (a premiere for a Luxembourgish band on Luxembourgish soil) and the night promised to be great and the boys certainly didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere at the club was incredible! My friend Fanny cried and danced all throughout the show (little explanatory side note: Fanny’s boyfriend Pit is the drummer of the band, which might explain her pride and excitement, but also her sadness).


After the concert, the show continued at “Soulkitchen” (a stylish bar/lounge just next to “den Atelier). With Luxembourgish “Mettwuerscht” and drinks, the party continued until the early morning hours.

I definitely had an awesome time and I wish the members of the band all the best for the future.

DAVID SCHMIT | guitars + backing vox
JOE KOENER | guitars + backing vox
TOM GATTI | bass + backing vox


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