Hop Hopp Hopper!

”Painting will have to deal more fully and less obliquely with life and nature’s phenomena before it can again become great”

Edward Hopper: "Statement", submitted in 1953 to the journal, Reality


Today I went to visit Edward Hopper at the Grand Palais in Paris! First of all, the Grand Palais is one of the most majestic modern construction in Paris. It is like a palace capped in glass.

Thanks to the Sesam Pass, I did not need to stand in line. The exhibition is sold out till February and I do not want to know how long one have to hang around in the queue on a Sunday afternoon to look at Hopper’s Masterpieces.


Little girl portrays a Hopper

The exhibition exposes the entire Hopper evolution and some paintings from friends and teachers.

At the beginning I thought : OMG even I could paint such a thing. However, after 40 minutes I was ashamed of myself to have had thoughts of that kind . It is even one of the best exhibits I have ever seen. So much movement and so many sensations in those art works.

Hopper was an impressionist at the origin, struggled through life until he developed into a realist artist. One could compare him to Andy Warhol, partially though .

Hopper was also part of the Ash Can School (a realist painting style which means in french , “l’école de la poubelle

The second part of the art exhibit certainly is a chef d’oeuvre. I couldn’t stop to watch these oil paintings, overflowing of harmony, freedom, beautifulness and reality! There is so much clarity in every painting. I find, what I saw, difficult to explain and even harder to describe . I know that I felt pleasure by turning my eyes upon those masterpieces!

During the exhibition one harmonizes through the diverse periods of Hopper


At the beginning of his drawing life, he took as a model his mentor Robert Henri. Hopper copied his teacher’s style and was still looking for his own panache. He just sold one painting in many years.
Afterwards, he left for Paris. That’s where he began to develop his own personal style. To survive, he started to illustrate covers for some magazines.

When one compares his later works with his ”magazine cover” period, one can observe that he preserved a lot of this technics. I would say that his difficult years instructed him a lot.

After Edwards journeys in Europe, he traveled to New England. In 1923, Gloucester, Massachusetts was the unique spot where every painter settled down to draw the famous boats and the water. Hopper, however, was much more touched by the buildings. It was the beginning of his breakthrough.

During the exhibition one goes through all his painting styles.

There was an aquarelle style, the gravure and the oil paintings. However, at the end he almost drew everything in oil for the reason that he thought aquarelle was too realistic.


He desired to dope his compositions. Therefore he needed oil. The light plays in his pieces are painted extraordinary well.
His simplicity and clarity , I think, were his strength. It were those particular skills that made him famous all over the world.

It is an exhibition every art lover and even every other character has to date.

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