London City with Rob and much more

I spent this weekend in London City! Surely not for no reason, but for the exceptional, exclusive Robbie Williams Gig at the O2 Arena! By the way, we wanted to see some friends too…

Pit (my Boyfriend) and I took the plane on Friday night from Paris to London. Out of the airplane there was, like everyday, rain rain and rain…, anyway, if you want a sunbath, you go to Los Angeles instead.

We checked in, in our mates’ apartment and immediately went to an Indian restaurant, extremely friendly service and jolly good food. After that, we met some friends and continued our supremely evening…without further details (privat).

On Saturday then, Anni, Pit, Paul and I went to the concert at the magnificent O2 arena. I’ve never imagined something like that! It is such a large hall, restaurants everywhere, discos everywhere and people all-over!

Robbie was unbelievable, like always. I prefere you to do your own judgement: 

On Sunday, we were invited to a Thanksgiving diner (we were supposed to be there at 12pm)  with some friends… We bought a 7 kilo turkey and got some good cooks(Andrew and Paul) who stuffed that poor animal with some extra spices. After almost 3 hours of 240ºC cooking, that enormous flying object stood there, and we could enjoy our meal without any worries. ( It was 4pm then, and everybody a

lready drank 7 aperos) Of course it tasted delightful. Thanks again to everybody!

That’s it for my cultural weekend in London!


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Enjoying student Life (Journalism, Social Media) in Paris, passions; cinema ,culture,music, literature, Globetrotting. Retronaut, Positive thinker
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  1. By M. says:

    It seems to be so crazy ! Thanks for this article 😉

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