Antonio Canal, also known as Canaletto, is the leading promoter of the “veduta”, a style of panorama/ landscape art work that uses the
urban context as a subject in itself.

After school, I went immediately to the Jacquemart-André Museum, just next to the magnificenn

t decorated (Christmas) Champs Elysée! As I arrived, I saw a bunch, like 200, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s waiting in line to enter this hilarious villa where once lived a collector-family called André!

Thank god I had my book and some newspapers with me! I waited from 1pm to 3pm while I was simultaneously listening partly to the old peoples’ nagging and reading my book! Next time I’ll buy the (coupe-file) ticket, probably the more intelligent way to visit the exhibition.

Finally, I got in, paid 9 euros and enjoyed this beautiful old house fully equipped of what I call the ”second empire atmosphere’‘.

Downstairs, one can find the rooms of the family, which seemed remarkably real to me. I felt like being visiting with these people.

The actual exhibition starts on the second floor! Canaletto and Guardi, two Masters of Venice. They were both fallen in love with Venice, but both had a different style to paint their love! Here, one can compare the two visions. I’d like to let the comparison to the visitor, I’ve never had any courses in arts!

If you need a little foretaste, click here

I got a truly peculiar feeling looking at these paintings, it gave me such a desire to go to Venice immediately!

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The second exhibition about Canaletto is in the Musee Maillol.

Musée Jacquemart-André

158, bd Haussmann
75008 Paris
By Métro: Line 9 and 13 Stations Saint-Augustin,
Miromesnil or Saint-Philippe du Roule
Prix Etudiant: 9€


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